Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Rocky Horror & Shock Treatment 20th Anniversary Convention 
in Hollywood, CA - June, 2001

Party in the Oscar Room

Oscar Horror Show
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 ~Part 3
 ~Part 4
 ~Part 5
 ~Part 6
 ~Part 7
 ~Part 8

Shock Treatment
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 ~Events and Candids

Costume Contest
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Rocky Horror
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Eat a Dik Picnic

 ~Hollywood Pics

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There was a con in Hollywood in 2001. I went to it and took pictures. Almost three years later on the same day, Bill from Midnight Insanity and I posted the pictures I took there and here, after both doing endless hours of identical processing and page creation chores on the same 1,400+ pictures.
We should e-mail each other more often to check up on this stuff. ;-P

I'm gonna go take a pill now. - jefF

Location and Dates

This convention took place in Hollywood, CA at the Roosevelt Hotel and General Cinemas Galaxy Hollywood Theater.

The weekend's Schedule
Registration in the Somber Bridal Suite (Mark's room)

8PM-12PM Oscar Room
Dance Party featuring White Trash Debutantes (as seen on TV) playing RH/ST songs

Friday, June 22, 2001
11AM 3PM

Muscle Man Safari at Santa Monica Pier

8PM-12AM Blossom Room
Oscar Horror Picture Show (come as a celebrity look alike)
Presentation of David Award Trophies
Special performances by casts from around the US
Eurotour RHS star Bob Simon singing and dancing

Shock Treatment Costume Contest

12 Midnight
Shock Treatment

1-8 PM Blossom Room

Premier of rare and recently discovered footage from the Roxy
Premier of A Regular Frankie Fan Documentary Film narrated by Paul Williams
Premier "Elvira's Haunted Hills" starring Elvira and Richard O'Brien

Piercing Booth
RHPS Merchandise / trade show

6-8 PM
RHPS Costume contest judging begins

11:30 PM Rocky Horror at the Galaxy with live cast
Presentation of Costume contest awards winners
Preshow Ceremony with mass Virgin sacrifice
Special Performance of A Girl for All Seasons featuring the Trixies of MI

12:00 Midnight
The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Live Cast!

3 AM (Approx) Breakfast at Canters - See map

Eat-A-Dik Picnic at Roxury Park in Beverly Hills centerfield picnic area

Softball - East Coast vs. West Coast Showdown

Other People's Hollywood Con Photo's
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 The "Numbers"
Number of Pictures Taken At This Con: 1,898
Number of Pictures Appearing on this Con Page: 1,574

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