Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Rocky Horror & Shock Treatment 20th Anniversary Convention 
in Hollywood, CA - June, 2001

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Costume Contest
(Part One, of Two)
The costume contest was closed to the general convention goers. I, however, was granted special access from M.I. to photograph the contest for reference and archive purposes, as a result there are a LOT of costume contest pics this time around. 
A technical note: There IS some seemingly odd coloration and exposure to a lot of these pics. I had my camera locked to the wrong white balance setting and all of the pictures came out exceptionally "blue" in tint (all whites looked blue, and all other colors were also distorted accordingly). Usually, I'd just leave this "as is", but given these are costume contest pics and coloration is sometimes important to determining accuracy and that the vast majority of convention goers never got to see the actual contest costumes, I tried to fix these files as best I could in PhotoShop which is why a lot of them might look a little bit odd otherwise. -j

The judging in the contest was done by a main panel of three, with a fourth wild card Judge for each category that was a specialist in the costume for each individual character - (that is why there is a different 4th Judge in all of my Judge pics, and why I've left the actual judging pictures in with the individual categories instead of putting them first as I usually do). Larry Veizel, Jaimie Froemming, and Liz Stockton were the three primary judges - to note, there were supposed to be 4 judges in the main panel, with Ruth Fink-Winter being the fourth, but she had to interview Patricia Quinn at the con and the costume contest slot was the only time Pat was available for that.




Brad (Wedding)

Janet (Wedding)

Some "Mother-Fuckin' Sharks"

Brad (Car Scene)




Janet (Car Scene)

The Judges with a mysterious wet spot by Liz (she was obviously excited by this category ;-)

Yay for screen accurate panties! I have no idea what she's doing with Larry here, but I find it fascinating...



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