The Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary Official Fox Convention
The Rocky Horror Convention in Las Vegas, NV - October, 2000


(Includes ALL of the weekend events)
Part 1 Pre Con Pics
Part 2 Con Candids

Cashman Theatre

Sal & Dori including the Auction & Raffle
Costume Contest
Boss Award

Shock Treatment Tribute

Cast Pre Shows
Sins O' The Flesh
Transvestite Soup
Pink Invaders
Midnight Madness
Dr Scott's Extra Forks
Barely Legal
Charming Underclothes
Rich Weirdo's
Sincere Lust
Permanent Record Cast
Castle Transylvanian's
New York City Cast
A Jump to the Left
Broadway Bound and Gagged
Midnight Insanity

Hard Rock Events
Q & A With Nell, Pat, and Richard
Costume Contest Finals

Rocky Horror
Friday Night
Saturday Night

Las Vegas
Non Con Photos (mostly of the hotels on the strip)

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Friday Night Performance
Part 1
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Unfortunately there are no pictures of SFDF or Dammit Janet
Due to an error on my part, I do not have any pictures of this part of the Friday show. Apologies.

There's A Light
To note here, yes Janet is in her underwear / Lab costume. Due to a problem the Janet scheduled for this segment wasn't able to perform and nobody realized she wasn't there - Jessie was the only Janet immediately available at the last second to fill in for this important show.

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Time Warp

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Sweet Transvestite

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Lab Scene

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Saturday Night / Hot Patootie

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Bedroom Scenes

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