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Orlando / Universal Studios City Walk

The convention took place at the Delta Orlando Resort in Orlando Florida.

Some of the hotel grounds, including the Koi Pond

Pretty much the "best" part of my room, The view from my hotel window...

Including this special "feature" for my room...

Unfortunately, there was FAR from a "pleasant and comfortable climate" in my room - in fact it was the most jungle like uncomfortable humidity that I had experienced in YEARS, If you know me, you know I absolutely can not stand humidity. The Air Conditioning was absolutely NO help and just made it cold and humid (pretty much the only thing I hate more than hot and humid).

This room has apparently had this problem for quite a while as there was quite a bit of mold and water / humidity damage (the walls and ceilings were literally soft and would flex when you applied pressure to them), and just about any metal that could oxidize (rust) in the room, had done so...

Many convention goers were able to bypass the "pleasant and comfortable climate" feature by removing the screws that kept the windows closed, and open their rooms up to the very pleasant outdoor 70 degree temps and very moderate Orlando humidity. Unfortunately, the screws on my window were stripped and I couldn't remove them.

To add final insult to injury, the hotel had also decided that I did not require any chairs to sit in in my room. It seemed fitting.
In conclusion, I can not recommend on any level this hotel to anyone reading this and thinking of staying here - if you do, don't say I didn't warn you.

Universal Studios City Walk

Universal Margaritaville



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