A message from the Selection Committee:

If you think that the CLUB INFERNO PLC sounds like the right after life experience for you, then it could be that you're the right person for us.
So, think it over and should you decide to make us your first post-life choice, you will find a friendly and helpful assessment staff just waiting to give you the once over.


It is a one in a million chance that you'll be selected as we have a very strict door policy and remember, the bouncers really are from hell. Do be warned, we may be your choice but you may not be ours.

Why don't you get yourself a death?

Disgracefully yours and may you all ROCK IN HELL

What is Disgracefully Yours?

This is the new musical by Rocky Horror Show author Richard O'Brien. It stars O'Brien himself as MEPHISTOPHELES SMITH and evangelical devil sent from hell to advertise it as the best after life experience of all. Basically hell has been cleaned out, and all the bad people have been thrown out on their own. So now when you die, you have a choice - Heaven, or if you're into Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, HELL.
It's definitely on par with Rocky Horror as a show, but being new it has to be given time to mature a bit and develop a following, which is inevitable. Rocky fans will love this show.

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