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Rocky Rocks The Rockies
The Rocky Horror Convention in Denver, CO - April, 1999
Friday Night Party
~ Random People / Events Pt. 1
~ Random People / Events Pt. 2
~ Arthur as Nun
~ Sal’s lap dance

~ Brady’s Room / Hallway Stuff

~ The Esquire Dynamic Tension Rocky Horror reunion show

The Convention
~ Fetishes and Random People
~ Trivia, Raffle, Boss, etc.
~ The notoriously legendary Costume Contest – Rocky Horror

Saturday – Pre Shows
~ Midnight Madness - Chicago, IL
~ Dynamic Tension - Denver, CO
~ Pink Invaders - Merrillville, IN
~ Barely Legal - San Francisco, CA
~ Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA

~ Shock Treatment (The National Official Fan Club Cast) (Incl. Costume contest)

~ National Ensemble Rocky Horror cast at The Mayan

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Mayan
The National Rocky Horror Ensemble Cast
Denver - April, 1999

Floorshow & End
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