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Candid Photos

The Radisson Hotel Broadview

My typical room

The Ghetto-tastic door to my bathroom, complete with punched in hole

But you can tell it's fancy when they make the neato shell shape design from the washcloths

No Worries there. ;-P

The Hotel Gift Shop...Yeah, this is pretty typical of all of Wichita

The Gas Station / Sandwich Shop that we ate in for lunch on Friday

Dave at the place we had lunch at (I believe the painting on the wall behind him was the original place that stood on the corner) - and a random funny sign in the place we ate at.

Larry and jefF... Em, Larry and jefF

Rebecca and Dave hanging out
(pictures by George)

Chris, not so much hanging out...
(pictures by George)

Some Red Hair Wig issues...
(pictures by George)

Yours truly, photographing
(picture by George)

The Dealers Tables
The Convention Raffle Prizes, Crazed, Bruce Cutter's Memories of the Past

The Chinese Food Luncheon

More of the Rocky Convention Glory of just hanging out and waiting

The con has them in a frenzy of excitement

jefF and Sam... Sam gets clawed

I really don't remember exactly what was happening here...

Sherri chatting


The Discussion Panels.
Bill Ung talks about planning and running conventions and Traci Hunniwell talks about coustuming

The Raffle

Traci taking pics of the theater and hanging out.

Dave, Sam, and Chris from Midnight Madness watching Velvet Goldmine

jefF's fat head in the way
(picture by George)

Sean restrings his invisible violin
(or does some last minute costume repair, I don't know which)

A sequinful of Columbiae

Pre Rocky Horror Pictures


Baby Got Back

Because it's just NOT a Rocky Horror convention without YMCA

jefF's obligatory Ass shots...

Yeah, I guess I took a lot of pictures of her...

Fire is good!

Sam from Midnight Madness

jefF, Larry and Sam

Sam with George, Bill and Emily
Bonus Pictures Here!
Midnight Madness cast member Sam took a bunch of pictures at the convention too.

Hanging out before the show
(pictures by George)

Larry is Mean... Larry is the Devil

Larry is pleased to find out that it WILL cure the outbreak

Albert announces the show will start shortly

A Paradise by the Dashboard Light Preshow before Rocky

Albert kicks off the show

...after thanking our Orpheum Theater host

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