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I believe we were all very disappointed that Bill Brennan wasn’t at the Denver Con with us (FYI - He told me that Bev and the Denver cast had offered to buy him a ticket to come out there but he had just taken a new job and couldn't get away). About a month ago Bill sent me this story along with some other Shock Treatment things for the book that I’m now helping him and Gene with. I was wondering where I was going to use this and it occurred to me that this would be the perfect opportunity to fill (though somewhat inadequately) the hole Bill left us at this con. Enjoy- jefF

Bert Schnick and Richard O’Brien
By Bill Brennan
(rollover comments on the pics are also Bills)

Richard and Pat doing "elbow sex" just before the Shock Treatment tribute.It was 1995 at the 20th Anniversary of RHPS. It was the first night of the convention, Friday evening, at the Roxy. The Roxy, of course, is Lou Adler’s club where a live stage production of the RHS first entranced America. Casts and fans from all over the world were there. They were doing live stage performances, Sal hosted, and we all just finished crying our eyes out from seeing the first ever World Premier of "Once in a While."

I was in the men’s room with Charley Brown of the Tucson Arizona cast, A Jump to the Left (nice tie in to the Oct. con Bill ;-) – jefF). We were drinking a mixture of grain alcohol and cherry juice from a bottle that I smuggled in. We were pretty fucked up, talking about how great it was to see everyone, and laughing at the poor guy who had fallen asleep in the stall next to us (he was snoring… loudly).

That’s when we heard Sal Piro announce that Richard O’Brien and Pat Quinn had arrived.

NYC Fran Perre Poley, Lou Adler, Patricia Quinn and Bill Brennan hanging out at the 20th Anny in parking lot.We took a last pull from the bottle and made it to the stage – Richard and Pat were right in front of us! They sang, they danced, they answered questions. Now Richard and I are somewhat friendly, having met each other on many occasions over the years. I wanted to have a quick word with him before he left, so I started walking towards the door they entered through. We came to the door at the same time and I said, "hi." That’s when two big, beefy, security people came over, opened the door and rushed Pat, Richard, and – much to my surprise – myself through the door! We were ushered through the kitchen and out the exit into the alley where a limo was waiting. We made small talk, asked about mutual friends, and the limo driver finally appeared. Richard commented that is was so hard to believe that I’m from New York City as I’m always "so delightful."

"The two drunks" outside of the Rainbow Room / Roxy in CA."Well, I can prove I’m from New York," I said. "Watch this."

I messed my hair up, rumpled my clothes, and said in a very drunk accent, "Yo, my man, spare some change? Got a dolla’?"

Richard smiled and reached into his pocket and placed an American dollar in my outstreched palm.

"Yo, man, God bless ya," I said and we both laughed.

I went to give him his dollar back and he said, "Keep it Burt, hard times you know."

I laughed and Pat said, "I think we’re ready now." (She had finished her cigarette)Bill, Pat, and Richard outside of the Roxy. Me and Pat are way fucked up drunk and Richard is half asleep.

Richard asked me if I needed a ride, and of course I didn’t because there was still a lot of fun left to be had inside the Roxy. He and Patricia drove off and I went back inside with an interesting story to tell…


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